Bridal Session | Rachael

Rachael was the real life bride-to-be that was the focus (pun intended) of Bryan Allen’s Wedding Photography Bootcamp I attended in Knoxville, TN late last month – although it already feels like it was forever ago. The pre-wedding bridal session gave us students the opportunity to meet the bride as well as her equally lovely parents, and to photograph her wearing her wedding day attire on location around Old City, Knoxville. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans for us and we instead spent the time indoors lighting Rachael up in her bridal gown with the assistance of strobes. Since Rachael and her fiance would be performing the tango during their first dance together, our bride also had this fantastic red dance ensemble to change into, which I photographed using natural light from a nearby doorway in the studio. I just love the red peeptoe stilettos that Rachael and her mom had glued Swarovski Crystals onto until 3am that morning. Thank you to this beautiful bride for her patience and sweet nature. Wedding day pics will be up soon!

Pre-wedding Bridal Session | Rachael

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