Summer Road Trip | Marfa, TX

Marfa, you charmed your way into my heart forever. The Prada art installation in Valentine is what drew me to the area first and the eclectic trailer and tent campground known as El Cosmico in Marfa beckoned me the rest of the way (note: make sure you book with plenty advance notice — this place books up weeks in advance!!). Fortunately my husband is pretty much up for anything as long as it involves adventure. Marfa was quiet on the Monday afternoon that we arrived, due to the fact that the art galleries that the area is known for are closed early in the week. So, we instead checked into our accommodations, booked a reservation for dinner, and then made our way into town to take a peek around. The architecture is simple but beautiful, and many a time my mind wandered into “wouldn’t-that-make-a-cool-place-to-live” mode. If only Marfa was closer to the ocean, we’d potentially have ourselves a deal. After the busy week behind us, Mr. Sweethardt was ready for a nap (pretty sure this was induced by a monster-sized DQ root beer float, but who am I to judge?) so we headed back to the camp where I curled up in a hammock with my book and a beer and napped in the drizzle that followed. Refreshing! Dinner at Cochineal was absolutely superb and we made friends with the neighbouring table – a father escorting his daughter by car to university in L.A.- while we dined on a number of small plates before digging into dessert and taking our leave in the fading light. Back in our chic little safari tent, slumber came quickly (albeit along with some crazy dreams) and the heat of the morning sun prompted us to continue our journey. Next stop….. Austin!!! See you there!

Marfa, TX | June 2014

Marfa, TX | June 2014

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