San Francisco SPCA | Bark and Whine Ball

While event photography isn’t what I normally do, I simply cannot pass up a request from the SPCA to photograph the arrivals on the red carpet at their annual Bark & Whine Ball. The yearly event, which includes dinner, dancing and a live auction, benefits the San Francisco SPCA’s Cinderella Fund, which cares for the medical needs of homeless animals under the care of the SF SPCA.

The attendees are simply the nicest and friendliest group of people around, and it is so fun to see guests arriving with their dogs in tow. In some instances, the pups are so excited that they’re dragging their owners through the entrance doors… I mean, wouldn’t you if you had your own ‘bar’?! The images I take throughout the night are wirelessly transmitted from my camera to the large screens on each side of the stage (a big hat tip to my husband here for figuring out all the ‘tech’ stuff) and I love how excited the guests become when they see themselves and their pets on those screens. It makes for a much more interactive experience than if I was just running around hiding behind my camera for the evening. Thank you to the SPCA for the opportunity and hope to see you all again next year. Woof, woof!Bark & Whine Ball 2012

Bark & Whine Ball 2012

10 thoughts on “San Francisco SPCA | Bark and Whine Ball

  1. Hi. We attended the event and purchased our photo from you. Thanks! You sent us a hard copy. I was wondering if I could get the jpeg of the pic? It seems you’ve taken the pics down from tour website so I can’t attach the link. Please let me know. Thanks.

    • Hello Herb, happy to hear you like your print! I just changed the gallery back to ‘live’ until Monday. You may purchase the jpg directly via the site. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions! :)

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