Fashion Shoot | Victoria

This past week I had the pleasure of mentoring at Bryan Allen‘s Location People Workshop in San Francisco. Previously, I have attended Bryan’s workshops in Knoxville, TN and when he asked me to mentor, no simply wasn’t an option! Not only is he an incredible photographer, but his enthusiasm and vision is contagious and the good people I was surrounded by this week will be a part of my life forever. How do I know this? Because I already  miss them, that’s why! And expect to see a lot more of Victoria – the incredible model in this set. Everyone dreams of a model that is up for anything, doesn’t whine (it was cold and windy during our shoot and even when her fingers were turning purple, she didn’t utter a single complaint, citing that she was simply having too much fun), and still manages a laugh or two when things get a little too serious. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most inspiring of weeks!

Fashion Shoot | Victoria

Fashion Shoot | Victoria

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