Family Portrait Session | J Family

Now that I’m back from holiday, I am so delighted to finally share these images from the recipient’s of January’s Olivia’s Act.  When I first reached out to Michelle with the news of a photography session, she was so touched that our mutual friend Kim – a classmate of hers – had nominated her.  I simply couldn’t have asked for a more deserving and gracious family.

Michelle and her husband Corey rekindled their relationship over a year ago after a 1.5 year separation, during which time Michelle was struggling as a single mom. Not only was Michelle raising three children, but she also worked full-time while attending school part-time. That’s why it took so long for us to settle on a date for our session – this is one busy mama!  Michelle couldn’t express enough how incredible it is to be back with her husband and how amazing it is to be a real family again. I think the looks on their faces says it all… this is a couple in love! I was so grateful at their willingness to receive this gift and to capture their beautiful family at such a wonderful point in their lives. Thank you to the J family for a lovely morning in the park!

Family Portrait Session | J Family

Family Portrait Session | J Family

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