7 Month Session | Cam

Hi… my name is Jennifer and it has been 4 months since my last blog post. Uh, yeah. Really. I’ve already ‘fessed up to being the World’s Worst Blogger on more than one occasion, so it’s time to move on already. Heck, it’s a new year and a new day and I’m eager to play catch up and show off all my ah-mazing clients from 2013, in addition to my new clients in 2014! At least there is no shortage of material! Anyhoo…. since I’ll be photographing this little guy’s cake smash session later this week, let’s start by showing off his 7 month shoot. Could he be any cuter? Probably not. I fell in love with him at his 3 month session and can’t wait to see him again! Word on the street is that he’ll probably be walking soon. Enjoy!

7 Month Session | Cam

7 Month Session | Cam

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