10 Month Session | Viggo

Hooray, I’m back! After upgrading some software, the workhorse program that creates these beautiful photo storyboards mysteriously went *poof* into a black hole. As an already next-to-non-existent blogger, I really didn’t need any help falling off the map!! Now that it’s restored, it’s business as usual once again and I’m eager to show off some of my recent (and not-so-recent) work. But let’s start with the more recent stuff…. this adorable little guy travelled with his parents (and grandmother) all the way from Belgium at the beginning of January! As a photographer, I find that my style is constantly evolving, and I find myself becoming more and more drawn to the intimacy of home sessions. I love to sit back and observe life in general – plop me in any outdoor cafe with a hot cocoa or a glass of wine and I’m golden – and so hanging out in the corner and capturing real moments alongside those that are loosely posed definitely suits my quiet calmness. Apologies in advance for the mile long photo post (it started out being two miles long!), but choosing between all the cuteness was next to impossible! Oh, and I hope you like my new logo!!

10 Month Session | Viggo

10 Month Session | Viggo

2 thoughts on “10 Month Session | Viggo

  1. I do love to read your musings, you have such a lovely way with words! Another beautiful set to treasure. Your photography reflects real moments and timeless shots that won’t date. Stunning.

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