Summer Road Trip | Reno

Warehouse sold, and responsibilities temporarily cast aside, Mr. Sweethardt and I made plans to hit the open road on an epic 5 week adventure before returning to settle in a new apartment back in San Francisco. As soon as the new owners took possession of that key on June 10th, we hopped in the beast and beelined to stop #1 on our journey… RENO!!! The first time I visited the city was back in my late teens, and all I seem to recall of that time was a downtrodden town with nothing much to offer. Fast forward to 2014, and imagine my surprise to discover a charming, vibrant little city with beautiful homes and tree-lined streets (although of course we naturally gravitated towards some of the older warehouses too in keeping with our industrial-like aesthetic).  Hubby nor I are gamblers, so the casinos didn’t interest us in the least, but the beautiful revitalization of Reno’s Riverwalk sure did!! People of all ages were outside midweek enjoying the Truckee River – I cannot even imagine what this place looks like on a weekend! The river was bustling with swimmers, kayakers, rafters and sunbathers; and restaurants with outdoor seating as well as a skate park down the street completed the vibe. Our vacation was off to a great start!

Reno | June 2014

Reno | June 2014


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