Summer Road Trip | Page, AZ

After 11+ hours on the road from Reno, we landed at our next destination late in the evening on June 12…. Page, AZ. Near beautiful Lake Powell, the area attracts more than 3 million visitors per year (thanks Wikipedia!). Waking up bright and early the next day, we set out after breakfast for a hike overlooking Horseshoe Bend. Given it’s 300 m drop to the Colorado River below, I was pretty hesitant about getting too close to the edge, especially given all those warning signs at the beginning of our hike!! We later learned that a few people die each year from getting too close so if you’re planning a trip, be careful out there!!! Hike complete, we returned for a quick and refreshing dip back at the motel pool before heading into town for lunch. After all, we needed nourishment for the afternoon fun…. a Hummer Tour of Secret Canyon, chosen to avoid the crowds of nearby Antelope Canyon. Since there were only 5 of us (including guide) on the tour, I think we made a pretty good choice!!!  Still suffering from post-move burnout, I’m not sure I did the area a lot of justice through the lens, so thanks to my husband for rounding out the montage with a few iPhone photos of his own!

Page, AZ | June 2014

Page, AZ | June 2014

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