Couples Session | Rob + Thoro

Anyone who followed my old blog already knows how in love I am with Alcatraz and so once again, I found myself booking tickets to The Rock when my dear friends Rob and Thor announced they were going to visit enroute to their Maui vacation. It was their first visit to San Francisco (and hopefully not their last) and we spent a wonderful three days packing in as many tourist activities as humanly possible. Since they don’t often have an opportunity for photos together (my husband and I are equally as guilty of this), I took advantage of the super bright, overcast day to snap some pics of these two for the first time since their Maui wedding four years ago (an event at which I was honoured to be their “Best Chick”). I absolutely love this set – not just for the images themselves and the way the few colours of their wardrobe pop off the page, but for the way that they immediately bring to mind the giggles of the day. It never ceases to amaze me how a photograph can so vividly re-create moments in time. Here’s to friendship… and holidays.

Couples Session | Rob + Thoro

Couples Session | Rob + Thoro

5 thoughts on “Couples Session | Rob + Thoro

  1. I love Alcatraz too! Sadly I wasn’t into photography when I visited! Another reason to come back to San Fran!

    I too love this set as the colours really do pop. They look such a cute couple too!


    • Thanks Jana! They both always look so amazing. Rob used to work as a Costume Designer in the film industry, and both have loads of good fashion sense. As soon as I saw them, I knew I’d have to spring a session on them once we got to Alcatraz. I just love how the session all came together. :)

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