Newborn Session | Russell

Just had to share this sweet little baby boy from a session back in November. Even though he was almost a month old at the time, which made getting those sleepy shots a little more challenging, we still managed to get some adorable little images of him. Fortunately, I have the patience of a Saint… or so I’m told. ;) But honestly, as much as I delight in solo sleepy shots, there is nothing quite as lovely as a tender moment between parent and baby and I am really starting to gravitate more towards lifestyle shots as of late (but more about that at a later date!).  As a side note to all new moms and dads out there, the most successful time to capture your newborn is in the first 6-10 days of life, so be sure to schedule your newborn’s session well ahead of time, usually in the 2nd or early in the 3rd trimester.

Newborn Session | Russell

Newborn Session | Russell

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